Updated: November 2006
It occurred to me that after two years of the comic, it is time to update this little info blurb.


My name is AleX. I am the artist and creator of Factual Authentic Real True Stories. The main thing you should know about this comic is that all the strips are actual authentic real true stories.. As in all events really did happen. All the people in them are real and are illustrated to the best of my memory (or if the stories were told to me by someone else, I try to interpret it as closely as I am able with the amount of information given).

I think it’s funnier when it’s true. I came up with an idea of FARTS in 2002 or something. These strips were originally created as a random comic just to make my friends laugh. Eventually, thanks to Scott’s great encouragement, Amy’s enthusiasm, and Phil’s nudge FARTS became a regular weekly comic and has been ever since.

Who am I? I am a recent college graduate with bachelor’s in Visual Communications (which is just another version of the “graphic design” major). I am soon to be married to a big, strong, hairy Canadian; Scott. My best friend is Amy, whom I met while in college. I am a co-founder of Biscuit Press, a webcomic collective. I highly encourage you to check out all the Biscuit Press webcomics and projects.

FARTS updates every FRIDAY!



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