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on 09-17-2004


Hello. Welcome to my comics, made by me, starring my friends and me, yes. All the comics here are inspired by and based on true events. That's right, these are all factual authentic real true stories! Starring my friends and family! WHOO!

So yes, the event pictured in the comics on the left, really did happen. That, I think, makes it even funnier. The girl in a blue hoodie is my best friend Amy. You will see her a lot in the comics, as I hang out with her a lot and we have a lot of adventures together, yes.

I made this strip a little over a year ago, in July 2003. Ya see, I have been making these comics once in a while for my friends' (and my) enjoyment, but only now I have decided to make FARTS regularly. Thus you will see some older comics (and my less-devoloped style; notice how the color of my hair and the size of Amy's boobs change in every panel of this strip). I will try to mix some new FARTS with the old ones so you wouldn't get all the ancient ones at first. This particular FARTStory was originaly listed as #2. It is the first comic I fully colored on the computer. (read more about FARTS history in the ABOUT section).

Furthermore, It seriously took me forever to make a layout which I would satisfied with, so I hope you'll like it. Knowing myself, I will change it again later, once I come up with something better. I also need to make the html prettier on this, so do expect changes. I know Phil passionately HATES the purple :D He says he hates it because it's "gay." I think it makes it PERFECT! It's both happy and queer! :D

Oh, and everyone.. today is Phil's birthday!! Go to the Forum and wish him happy birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL!!! Weird day for me to choose to launch the FARTS, heh.

I HOPE YOU'LL ENJOY MY FARTS! :D I will put new ones up every Friday! WHOO!

said AleX

on 09-17-2004


Hey. I'm Amy. And that's all you're getting. The rest is on a strict need-to-know basis ::smirks and nods head like a bad ass for a while. nodding slows down and stops while eyebrows furrow and frown sets in:: Man, I wish I was that cool. Then I could be a Reservoir Dog like Mr. Pink. Except you already know my real name. And sorta what I look like. And a couple of my associates. So, you could easily track me down and turn me in. Damn you all.

Comment About Comic: I think my facial expressions in the comic say it all: "What. The. Bleep."

said Amy





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