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on 06-09-2006


Dave is my former boss, of course. Working with Dave was fun. We all miss Dave. Kumi wants to start a petition to bring him back to our store! Even though I don't get to hang out with Dave anymore, there will be plenty of FARTS with him in it! That's right! I have enough Dave stories left to start a whole separate weekly comic! (except, I won't)

I don't really like the way I drew Dave in this comic. Something very weird is happening with his hair. I wish I had a photo of him for a better reference.

I think my website updates an hour later than I do... which probably doesn't make any sense to you guys. It only means that the comic will not be visibly up any ealier than 1AM Friday (or Thursday to some of you guys). I'll see if I can change that. (although likely I will end up forgetting and not carrying)

Well, anyway. I think that's all I have to say. Summer is okay so far, although I need to do more.

Speaking of doing more:
I should probably link it somewhere else and stop mentioning it in rants. It's my other project! Updating at least 3 times a week! WHOO!

Well, I go sleep now.

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