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on 06-23-2006

Emergency Guestie by Dave

AleX tired. 12 hour work shift today. Failed to finish comic on time. Managed to get only half done. Dave made me guestie. On a paper towel. Awesome. Thank you Dave. Whoa. Everything is blurry. AleX sleeps now. said AleX

on 06-23-2006


I was going to write more about this guestie ealier, but that didn't happen. Sorry. Better late than never. It was pretty funny to have everyone be all "the hell is going on in this guestie!?" for a while, but I think I should explain it a little.

Unlike the vast majority of the guesties I posted for FARTS this one is actual an Factual Authentic Real True Story! This thing actually happened! Now, you guys still wonder "okay, WHAT happened!?"...

The two stick figures are Jenny (short) and me. In the first frame I tell a short joke to Jenny... she gets mad and chases me, and then (to everyone's surprise) she (4'11") gets me (5'7" + "3 in shoes) in a headlock and gives me a nooggie. Dave considers it one of the funniest things he has seen.

I was keeping this guestie for a few months now, actually, planning on drawing it in my own version and posting Dave's version next to it. That didn't happen. I might still draw it later, who knows.

As for Jenny she is a viciuos little thing. She might look like a kid, but she is quite damn strong, and vicious. VICIOUS!
So yeah, don't piss Jenny off. She will kick your ass. Seriously.

Once again, THANK YOU DAVE for this guestie! :D

said AleX





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