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on 07-07-2006

I GRADUATED! (2 months ago)

I never had any classes with Prof Colpitts. The only reason I avoided her classes was because I was a transfer student and already took a lot of fine art classes. Professor Colpitts is quite a character and she is both feared and respected. She is a very powerful professor at my college, or at least that was the impression I was under. She is also crazy. She is unpredictable. I have a feeling she enjoys freaking out people. I never told this to anyone, but she sorta reminds me of me. She has the creepy grin going on from time to time. I saw it!

During the commencement ceremony I was in front, third row down, with the professors on stage in front of us. I could see everyone pretty clear. Colpitt’s deathstare almost made me pee myself from fear during this Graduation commencement. It was quite unnerving. I was half expecting her to shoot lasers outta her eyes! Damn you, Brad! If you didn’t make me look at her, she wouldn’t give me that deathstare, bastard!

Hmm, looking back at this little event, I think she probably was just staring in space while falling asleep, again. She probably wasn’t even aware she was staring RIGHT AT ME… but then again, she might have been very conscious of what she was doing, and was just messing with me. That’s right, Professor Colpitts, I’m on to you! I know you are COOL! That’s right! I said it. Professor Colpitts is COOL.

Back to Brad. He was just one of my cool classmates, and fellow Vis Com majorers. He may never find out he was in this comic. Professor Colpitts will likely never know either.


Oh yeah, btw, I decided not to post all WhaTiF stories in the row. I miss the normal stories. I will be (and am) very busy the next couple of weeks, so likely I will continue with the WhaTiF series next week… or will I? Come back next week to find out!

Also, hey, join the forums? Talk to us!

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