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on 07-14-2006

More visible farts!

So how many of you were tempted to capture your own fart in a jar in attempt to sell it on ebay? It sure would be more fun if farts were glowing colorful clouds! hehe

I have been pretty busy the last week and a half and I haven't had time to draw any new FARTS for two weeks now. Yesterday I was so exhausted after work, I crashed and slept for almost 11 hours. Good thing I still have one more WhaTiF strip done, just in case I have no time to make FARTS next week.

I updated the links page last weekend. There is a few new comics there... and I will add some more soon. Check them out.

I was supposed to say something else.. but I forget. Oh well, I might post another rant later.

said AleX

on 07-14-2006


All I know is that a long time ago, I had the idea of farting in a jar and then selling it on the Devil's Playground (a.k.a. eBay). Then, one day, I find out some f@*% stole my idea. That f@*%. That's what I get for sharing my ideas. People across the country eventually steal them. Alex probably gave him the idea for a muffin. said Amy





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