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on 07-21-2006

Women fart too!

They do, I tell you; and don't let them tell you otherwise!

Alexandra would never deny such a thing, so I really cannot complain about her. But there are some women in this world who would like to pretend that such bodily functions are solely the realm of the "Y" chromosome. I do my fair share of farting, and so does everyone else, whether they admit to it or not.

If Alex had any qualms about flatulence, she would not have titled her comic as she did. She is awesome like that; she can be rude and crude, and still undeniably sexy. And she is all MINE, too, so hands off!

I hope everyone is enjoying this little diversion from the main FARTS comics. WhaTiF is an experimental little project that Alex will continue at random times, when she has the inspiration and feels the need. I find myself terribly amused by the whole notion, but I am simple in that way, and cannot speak for ANYONE else. As always, my attitude remains (for this and pretty much everything else): If you don't like it, don't f@cking read it! Of course, I/we all hope you DO enjoy the comics.

Y'all come back again soon, hear?

said Scott

on 07-21-2006

Farts of Love

So, if farting became part of a romantic evening, I'm pretty sure it would eventually take the place of saying, "I love you." Observe:

Boy: Baby, you know *fart*.
Girl: Aww. You're sweet. *fart*.

said Amy

on 07-21-2006

Breaking News!!!

This just in: women also make poop!!! said Amy





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