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on 08-18-2006

True Story

Obviously this relatively short telling of the story does not contain all the relevant details and background information, as I am sure my father will tell me when he actually sees this comic. He will likely also point out that Alex got his moustache all wrong, but I think she was trying to make it look more 1970's. On that note, I also sincerely doubt that my mother ever dressed like that, ever.

Lacking the details or not, this is Alex's interpretation of the story as it was told to her by both of my parents at the same time, possibly with a few glasses of wine in their respective systems as they told it. Be entertained, be very entertained!

I have yet to hear my parents' reactions to this comic, as they have not yet seen it to the best of my knowledge. Surely that will be a noteworthy story in itself, at least amongst family and friends.

said Scott





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