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on 08-25-2006

Oh crap

It's 1AM. Work early tomorrow. I need sleep. I will rant tomorrow or Saturday... depending if I am home tomorrow or not. Yes. Sleep is good now. said AleX

on 08-25-2006

It is Saturday now.

Alright, this an another late rant. I think itís becoming a habit. I am usually too tired to type up stuff for this post when I work on finishing the comic Thursday night. I havenít had time to make it in advance either. Well, at least you guys are getting a pretty long comic this time. I actually drew and colored half of the characters last month, but didnít get to finish this strip until now. Sometimes it takes me a while. I have another little strip that I have partially inked, that will take a while to finish, because I am making others first. I am weird like that. Anyways, I ramble.

I donít remember what the two customers looked like, so I just drew random people there. Yes. This is a second strip where my coworker Keith, is a star. There will likely be at least one more. Keith is funny. Not as funny as Dave though. I better write down some more Dave stories to make strips from before I forget, yes.

I think my art style improved this month. I am happy. I need a new computer. The one I am using right now is 6 years old. Can you believe it? It has served me well, but it is time to get something more powerful. Indeed.

I am doing some advertising on one of the best (in my opinion) web comics out there right now, the Multiplex. Welcome, Multiplex readers! Please consider joining the Biscuit Press forums and check out other Biscuit Press comics, if you have spare time. Yes.

said AleX





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