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on 09-01-2006


This customer did not have any papers that would grant him not having to pay sales taxes. I find this to be one of the most ridiculous reasons to retun an item bought in a legitimate store. "Oh no, how dare you charge me this 'sales tax'!?!?! Rip-off!! I demand my money back!" Yeah.

The girl that delt with this customer was the little Jenny. She appeared in a comic twice before and might again.

This is not the original comic planned for this week. Something unexpected happened today that guaranteed me not having enough time to finish the originally planned comic. I decided to do something really short and really fast instead of being late with an update. I knew that if I didn't finish the comic Thursday night, I might not have time to work on it till Tuesday.. which would basically mean me missing almost a week of the comic. I hope this comic came out better than I think it did.

Anyway, there's some weirdoes coming to the Camera Store quite frequently so I think I might make more of those comics... this will be sorta like the Payless Tales of Terror way back when.

I need to go now. Sleep, probably.

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