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on 09-15-2006

The comic that almost wasn't.

I almost didn't update today. This is one of the reasons why this comic is so short and likely crappy. The reason to this is that I have suffered a great heartbreak. A few days ago I got a new computer. It was the last one, display model. I got it a little cheaper because of that. I wanted that computer and I didn't want to get it online. Anyway, this new supposely awesome computer has crapped out on me before I could even really try it out. My current computer that I am using right now is 6 years old. It is really damn slow now and cannot really handle what I would like it to do. My creativity has been supressed because I am limited by my computer's abilities. I was all excited about the new one I got. It was quite expensive and supposed to be super. Well, it turned out to be a super disappointment. I have to take it to the techs already. How lame is that? I know fuckers didn't do a good job cleaning up this computer for me. I don't know what kind of junk they left, but they better clean it up all good. Well, I know this will be fixed and my new computer will be super. But this whole new computer crapping out on me is just a great disappointment to me and got me quite depressed for a little. It's like "WHOO! I finally bought my flying machine! Oh crap, it stopped working in midflight! NOOO! *crash*"

Anyway, I still have this old computer. I am not sure how much longer it will be able to handle me though. I also don't know how long it will take to fix my new computer (or maybe get a new one)... It is getting increasibly more difficult to create a comic... I don't want to stop, but heads up that I might be forced to skip an update or two while all this computer crap is happening. Then again, I could maybe just stay afterwork and use the work computer. I don't want to miss updates! Making this comic makes me feel gooood.

I better go sleep now though. Sleep is super good.

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