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on 09-23-2006

Sick Alex and the Comic of Lateness

Alex has been feeling ill since Thursday, but she still managed to complete this comic, albeit a day and a half late. But I am taking good care of her, and she is feeling a bit better now. Still, she needs her rest. She also needs to properly clean her room, but that is another tale entirely.

Today's comic marks the tenth time Dave has made an appearance, and some readers may have noticed the drastically different portrayals of this boss of Alex's over the course of time. Most recent of which is comic number 83, in which Dave is seen with a balding head, gorilla arms, and a massive beer gut. He does not look so bad in 79 or 71, but the top of his head is very much off-frame in the latter. Comic 69 is probably the best example of least-detached-from-reality Dave. He looks rather nondistinct in 57, but I have to say 51 is definitely the low-point in this comic's representation of the one called Dave (it makes him look like Major Toht from Raiders of the Lost Ark). Continuing the Dave comics list, he appeared in but did not have a line in 36, and was only a blob in the background in one frame of 32. Rounding off the list in reverse-chronological order is his first appearance in comic 19, looking relatively waifish, and with a reasonable head of hair.

In the worst of these examples, Dave has been an unfortunate character in Alex's stories on the weeks where she was pressed for time to complete them in order to meet her update schedule (51 and 83, mostly). This should change now, as she no longer has schoolwork to consume her time, and this new computer of hers is much faster than the old one, thus she will not have the inspiration leech of an increasinly sluggish computer.

Dave, having the good sense of humour that he does, has taken these misrepresentations in stride.

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately from Dave's perspective) Dave shall likely not be gracing (or disgraced in) many more comics, as he now works at a different store location, and Alex is not working at the camera store very often anymore.

I cannot think of a particularly witty way to end this rant, and Alex is bugging me to finish up so she can get some sleep, so I will just end it. Goodnight all.

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