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on 10-06-2006


I saw most of this happen. This woman was talking to Roger for at least half an hour. There was a lot of giggling and cleavage-throwing. Roger kept his cool and, as much as this lady was annoying, I am pretty sure he enjoyed himself. Aaand at the end of the whole thing, I wasn’t sure anymore whether she was desperately trying to get money for returning the camera, or have a date with Roger. Eitherway I found this thing highly amusing and AWESOME.

Thank you all of you who have sent me “get well” wishes. I think I am all good now. I have received Lee’s awesome guestie (thank you Lee!) and I am keeping it for later, as an emergency. It is sure an awesome guestie, so I would not want to keep it from the public for too long, though. Yes.

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