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on 10-13-2006

I told him good.

Happy Friday the 13th. The Grudge II is opening today. I am not going to see it. Yet. I both hated and liked the first one.

That would be Nate in this comic, also known as the Girly Man, from a few FARTS back. I haven't worked with Nate since last Christmas season, and seeing that I will probably quit the Camera Store job in a couple of months (or sooner) and he is planning on going to Kongo, I may never again see Nate alive... He will be eaten by a dog-size mosquitos... BUT I am sure he will take some award-winning photos before his spectacular demise. Hi Nate! :D

I started updating my sketchbook again. I didn't put any pages in September because of my computer crapping out and me barely being able to finish FARTS on time. But, alas, the widely unknown Lost in the Sketchbook is back, updating 3 times a week or more.

In other news, the awesome Nix has linked me in his awesome Digital Purgatory. I have been a fan of his webcomic, since I started reading webcomics. It is a great honor, again; earned by boobs, this time. Yes. Thanks Nix! You rock!

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And now I go to sleep.

said AleX

on 10-13-2006

Happy Jason Day!

The best part is Nate backing away. said Amy





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