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on 11-18-2006


I didn't post any FARTS this Friday, and I feel guilty about it. I did mention last Friday that I will likely not be able to post a regular comic, so yes. I have been working on this little comic for Amy's birthday. This comic is based on a dream I had, actually. There are 4 pages to it and I decided to post it here SATURDAY, MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. This will also give me some more time to work on the Factual Authentic Real True Stories during the Thanksgiving Havoc.

Amy Birthday Comic Spectacular is not at all FARTS, as you can abviously see. Check it out -- I can art non-FARTS style, yo! (This comic have not been originally created to FARTS format, so I apologize for the awkward large size.)

So check back MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY for more of this crazy comic storyline. Regular FARTS will return Friday, December 1st.

said AleX

on 11-18-2006

Totally radical.

Hehehehehehehehe. said Amy





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