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on 03-23-2007


Yes, that is an Elvis-impersonator. He even sung for us a little before he left. I thought he was great!

I thought this story was perfect in just one frame, however I also have an alternate version (also one-framer). See it here. I am glad I was able to think of some FARTS strip that could be executed so fast. I havenít had much time to draw this week.

I had a very busy, very productive past few days. I am finally getting my own place very soon. Scott and I found a perfect awesome place right across from Amyís bedroom window. Hi AMY!! Youíre never getting rid of meeeee! <3 A lot of wedding/moving in stuff has been done/planned out and stuff, but I feel like talking about it might be bad luck, so shhhhh. Iím getting married soon! WHOOO! I love you Scotty :)

Alright, I go sleep now.

said AleX





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