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on 09-20-2008

Torpedo, the cat

Ever since we got Quistis my Mom has been thinking about getting a furry bundle of purring love of her own. Finally, one day when we came over for a dinner, she surprised us with a tiny black kitten sleeping in my old room. The kitten turned out to be a little purring hyper ball running around everywhere, so I chose her name "Torpedo" or "Torpeda" in Polish. My mom is completely in love with her. She has become her new baby. Even my dad, who usually isn't very found of cats, seems to be amused by her.

Torpedo is a little character. If she were human she would be a teenager in a punk band. She runs around and tries to pick fights with everyone. She sneaks up on people and jumps at them or crawls under the table and bear-hugs people's feet. She is also a little biter, but that's another story.

Another funny feature of this kitten are her giant front paws that look like boxer gloves. I don't know if I captured them right in this comic. She has an extra digit on her fronts and a big thumb (Scott says this condition is called "polydactyl"). She likes using those to grab on feet or fingers. My mom and Scott like to pick her up and hold her close to their faces. Torpedo then smacks their faces gently and quickly and then puts her giant paws on their faces and gives them little cat kisses.

What I illustrated in this strip is one of her favorite play tactics. She puffs up and gives me (or whoever) this serious intense look.. and then she starts jumping all over the place, making flips in the air, and acting all fierce ready to attack. But once you reach out to touch her she runs off. Cutie. There will be more comics with Torpedo, I am sure.

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