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My other art:



5IDEWAYS is a very interesting webcomic I randomly came across. The comic is quite strange and fascinating. The basic premise is of the end of the world, where laws of physics suddenly quit working properly. The artwork is very nice use of pen and ink. I can't wait to find out what happens next.



BOB THE SQUIRREL is cute and funny and geeky. I believe this comic strip is a newspaper feature thing, but you can read it here. Only about 2 weeks of updates is kept in archives, so don’t miss it!


CANDI is a webcomic that I have followed since the very first strip. I know this comic is about a girl with pink hair, and her name is Candi, out of all the girly names, but I LOVE THIS WEBCOMIC. Good writing -- if not funny, then cute, or intriguing. Art started out cute and keeps on improving! :)



CORTLAND is another favorite of mine, also another funny geeky comic. I love it so much partially because I identify with it. The main character is a graphic designer, much like me, except done with school already and stuff.


THE DEVIL'S PANTIES is simply addicting and I am sure 90% of webcomic readers know about it. It is a journal comic updating everyfreakenday! WHOO!


DIGITAL PURGATORY is my all-time-favorite webcomic ever. I find it hilarious and awesome and art is great. It's a geek office humor stuff that everyone can laugh at. Nix got a new artist and this comic finally is off the couple-year long hiatus.


FAIL! is just cool. I enjoy the humor and simple, but expressive art. This webcomic will be big! Just watch and see.


GIRLY is a webcomic I have been reading for a couple of years. I believe Scott showed it to me first. I think it is amusing. It has a cheap stupid sense of humor and lots of cuteness.. and lesbians.


HER! [Girl vs Pig] is a smash. I love it.


KITTY KAZAWA: FREELANCE EXORCIST is done by the same person who does BLADE KITTEN, but I prefer this comic to his other one. Kitty Kazawa is a fun humorous crazy sexay manga. Great art! I wish they fixed their navigation and updated more regularly though.


MAROON is an interesting web comic I somehow found. I really dig the art.


MULTIPLEX is bloody brilliant! Art is all vector-clean-detailed awesomeness and each and every strip is very enjoyable and funny.


NORMAL LIFE is a journal comic full of awesome artsy randomness. It ranges from beautiful colored art to stick figure doodles. Some strips are funny, some weird, etc. Most stuff is really random and expressive. I love it!


ORDER OF THE STICK is awesome. I am not a gamer, I never played any of those RPGs but this comic amuses me greatly. The art is simple, which works well, and the strips are deliciously LONG.


ORNERYBOY, I love. Kind of a goth humor there, making fun of goth humor, too. It's full of zombies. I hate zombies, but I don't mind these zombies. Yes.


STUFF SUCKS is an interesting comic by Liz, who used to do Weirdism. The story is intriguing, and funny wherever appropriate. The art style is experimental. She started out really gestural line art, then did some really pretty colors in Flash, and now she is doing nice monochromatic textural exploration stuff. Yes. Looks good and continues to look better.


TWO SIDES WIDE is full of awesome random crazyness. This thing updates every week day too! Check it out! You must! These people rock!


UGLY GIRL is something I came across a couple of months ago. Its story is based in high school and makes fun of it all. I find it amusing, I wish it updated more often.

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