on October 8th, 2004!

All right. First of all, that goose was the spawn of Satan. I thought we were done for. Images of a goose stuck in my hair and pecking at my head and eyeballs flooded my mind as a I ran and screamed like a girl. Second of all, I did not ask for it like one of Alex's old classmates said. Cha. Just 'cause I was making "WAH!" noises at the goose does not mean I deserved to almost be killed. Third, I left Alex behind and I would totally have sacrificed her life in a heartbeat if it meant saving my own ass from that beast. Either way, geese are only cute if they want something from you [i.e. chips]. Otherwise, they're just waiting for a good reason to peck your eyes out. Maybe I'll make millions by inventing Goose-Proof Goggles one day. Oh. Shit. Now all of you know my idea. Yeah. Well. Uh. Look! Over there! ::runs while yelling things like "Eat that suckerrrrrrrrs!"::

We be jammin'.


on October 8th, 2004!

The whole thing happened in March or something 2003. The comic was finished May 2nd 2004, so it is one of the "newer" ones. Notice my advanced inking and coloring compared to the other strips. Furthermore, be amazed with the wonderful BACKGROUND that is actually more than just a plain of color or two lines. Yes. Whoo!

I actually ended up transferring to the evil goose college. I'm pretty happy there. Geese have not bothered me since that very first time I stepped on the campus grounds. The Judson College campus is really pretty -- lotsa trees, bushes, a river, a fake lake, squirrels, deer, geese, and Christians.

I tried many times to persuade Amy to transfer to my school, but she refuses. :(

Scott pointed out that a Canadian goose chased after me before we met and maybe it was a premonition of things to come. *twilight zone theme* Scott is a dork.

I go sleep now. Enjoy the comics. Yes.







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