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on 10-01-2004


That's right, folks, I am in FARTS as well! As the name implies, these are all true stories; not just "inspired" by the truth, but the truth and the fact as well in one neat sexy little package (sexiness courtesy of the Starpoo Unlimited Sexiness Foundation of North America). That being said, I truly did manage to pull off this smooth move, and I blame American Psycho for the entire ordeal.

This was originally the first comic with me as a character (the fourth comic overall), and the first of many in which my idiocy would become a cause for others to laugh. I hope you enjoy doing so as much as Alex did when it actually happened.

said Scott

on 10-01-2004


Scott originaly threw the remote into his face while trying to be all smooth and cool last winterbreak. I went to Canadia for the New Years. It was awesome. Kinda really damn cold though, but Scott was there to keep me warm :) I love you, Scott, you dork, you!

Newer comics coming up next week. In two weeks there will be brand new FARTStory up. I still gotto color it, whenever I am not at work or doing homework.

said AleX

on 10-01-2004


My only comment: Smooth one, Whitey said Amy





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