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on 10-21-2004


I am all very behind with my schoolwork and stressing about that, so please forgive me if I don't give into all the wonderful beautiful detail of the amazing time I had with Scott this Fall Break and the whole heeheehee engagement! OMIGOD! We're engaged! I'm going to marry Scott! I am so happy :D

He is my best friend and my true love. I feel so fortunate.

said AleX

on 10-21-2004


Alex originally made this comic as a gift for me, as she tends to do on special occasions. This one just happened to also be in her FARTS cartoon style, so it ended up in her regular stream of comicry. She tells me she is also going to put up the drawing she was inspired to do by my proposing to her on this Monday past. Plenty of Alex and Scott dorkiness for you all.

It can never be stated too often how much I love Alex. She is the best part of my world. She is mine, MINE, NOT yours, so hands off! *evil glare*

It was rather crafty how I proposed to her. We went to a nice restaurant for our anniversary, both of us all dressed up nicely and in an already romantic mood. I did not know for sure if she suspected anything (since there were a few tip-offs in her direction from certain people; some deliberate, some not), so I thought it would not be best to ask her during, but rather to surprise her afterward. She gave me a bit of an expectant look as we were leaving the restaurant, so it would seem I guessed right. I drove back to her place after dinner, but I gave the keys to her to make sure she would have to unlock the door. As she was fumbling with the lock, I got down on one knee, pulled out the ring, and spoke her name. Immediately she dropped her keys, jumped backward against the wall, and covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes as wide as they possibly could be. I asked her in Polish, just as I had asked her parents for permission in Polish as well. Her exact words in response were "Oh God yes!" As she jumped toward me to hug me, she also snatched the ring out of its case without me noticing. She must have used her ninja skills, or something, because I thought it had fallen to the ground when I looked at the box and it was gone. She plays tricks on me even when I am proposing to her. ><

said Scott





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