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on 10-28-2004


Yes, it was still me who drew this strip. I was trying out another style. Drawing like that took me less time, but I don't think I like it as much. I originally drew that sometime in the summer, where the mosquitos were flying around, those little bitches. When I went to Canada they were all over me and Scott. Good thing we got all those sprays and candles to keep those bloodsuckers away. Mosquitos are annoying, but not as bad as the black flies. I had three bites on my leg and it hurt as if a piece of me was ripped out (which was basically what happened). It hurt like a wound and then itched like a mosquito bite and it took a month to heal completely.

Anyway, SCOTT HELPED ME WITH COLORING THIS STRIP. I wanted to experiment with different coloring techniques so he colored one frame his way and I tried to imitate it in others. Thank you so much Scotty for helping me color this. :)

I am nearly done with a brand new comic. It will probably be up next week. Unless I decide to chop it in two parts, it is going to be a very very long one.

I've decided to add some art/photos to my rants, as it looks prettier. Here's some extra art from this strip:

said AleX

on 10-28-2004


The weeks go by so quickly, sometimes I wonder how ANYONE has time for ANYTHING other than work and sleep. Oh well, two days of rest for me, at long last. Meanwhile, Alex was busy working, going to school, AND making more comics for everyone. She is supergirl... MY supergirl!

I was not around when this story happened, just heard second-hand about the same time Alex was writing the script for the comic. Now I know where Alex gets her psycho streak, it runs in the family!


P.S. Everyone must watch "Super-Size Me," and then NEVER go to any fast food places ever again! Watch it, watch it NOW, DAMMIT!!!
said Scott





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