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on 11-26-2004

My appologies for the comic being late. My phoneline died on Thxgivin morning and since I am a sad pathetic dial-up user -- meh; sudden death; AAAHH!!
I should finally set the BuzzNav up so I could put stuff up in advance and let the program take care of posting in case something like that occurs. I shall set BuzzNav up soon. I also have another problem to take care off -- my labtop. It is acting up very strange. All runs fine and dandy but I know there is something wrong. I keep running low on space even when I don't do anything. It seems that I gain at least 90MB on my computer whenever I go online. What the fuck. So I probably have some kind of virus, which my virus scan fails to detect :( One way (online research and virus scan) or another (simple reformatting) I will get rid of the fucker!! AAARGH!! DIE!!! DIEE!!! AAAAAH!!!!! *stabs the air* GRRRRRR!!!!

So anyway, about the FARTS up today. Stare and wonder at the first FARTS comics ever!! (OMIGOD I used color pencils!) I made it sometime in the year of 2002 or something, back when I was still working at Payless. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there was a time when I sold shoes. The cute redhead is Brenda. You shall see her some more in upcoming FARTS. She has been my best friend since senior year high school (4 years now). Unfortunately nowadays we are too busy with school and work to see each other as often as we want to. I miss you friendy Brendy!

So yes. I find that not many people think this FARTS is funny. I was told by this one guy that this is the worst comic he ever read. Then when he found out I drew it he said it is very cool and I drew myself well. Yeeaaah... Amy loves this comic. She was kinda inspiration for me of making it. I told her of the story over the phone and she laughed for hours, so I turned it into comics that made her laugh even more. Tis was awesome. I gave it to Brendy and she has it up in her room -- awesome.

Okay, I'm gonna try putting this up now, if I manage to connect. Maybe this comic won't be that late afterall.

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