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on 12-03-2004

Hello everybody. I think I am lacking a proper unzipping device -- I cannot seem to be able to install Dreamweaver on my computer. So I am gonna attempt to post this using notepad. Hopefully it won't come up all messed up. I also hope I will be able to access Biscuitpress admin site with my old computer. That is right -- my laptop is still crap. It returned to me from the repair today. Well, turns out that for that one hour after I reformatted my computer and was trying to get my Windows updates -- for that one freaking hour when I was freaking online I got 13 viruses and 40 spyware shits. Seriously, what the fuck. So my notebook is still not usable. I reformatted the thing again and will go back to Best Buy later so that they would gimme all updates. I ain't spending $80 for them to "fix" my computer. I will get some spyware stopper though. Yes.

Anyway, I really hope I will be able to update the comics today.. if not then it's going to be late. My appologies. It's not my lazyness or business, it is simple misfortune. :( And yeah, I am sure my layout is going to be messed up. I will fix it once I can. So tired now..

About today's comic-- meet Sana, my "little sister." I met her back in high school when she was a freshman and I was a senior. We had been like sisters since. She will probably appear in more comics later.

I'm pretty tired now and still not done with homework. :( It's going to be a long night :(

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on 12-03-2004
When I am piloting a vehicle, it helps to know whe

Sana is the one who lives in that part of the city, so she knew where the nearest IHOP was. Alex and her IHOP, she just had to go. Now, I have some friends who do not know their left from right; thus asking them for a direction, they will always give you the wrong direction first, and then correct themselves. This occurs with sufficient regularity as to make it rather predictable, so I know when they say "right" they really meant "left." Sana, however, must have only been listening to half of my question, or she heard the correct direction and ignored everything else I said. Needless to say, I was a bit miffed at the time, not knowing where to turn.

A similar yet mostly reversed situation happened not quite a week ago. I had imposed on a friend's father to drive me a fair distance out of the city to pick up a car I was to buy (and have since bought and plated). He had no idea where he was going, and it was nighttime and raining, making for poor visibility. Twice I gave him advance notice of the turn coming up, and when the turn approached I said "turn there" and then "turn here" and continued to point toward the road. It was not until my friend (who was in the back seat) said "you missed it" that he realized this, and laborously turned the car around.

In his defense, he was driving a crappy car with a messed up windshield in very poor weather conditions. Concentrating on the road so as to not end up in the ditch is a viable excuse for missing a turn. Sana however, had no such excuse. :P

-Scott, verbal-effuse incarnate
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