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on 12-10-2004

DISCLAIMER: The above situation was told by Brenda and therefore intrepreted by Brenda. Brenda might have misinterpreted the situation and falsely assumed certain things. In other words there might have been in fact a goose outside, making fart-like sounds, which Brenda mistakenly mistaked for Sam's doing. Yes. OK.

NOTES: yay! first story in which Alex is nowhere to be seen. That's right! I don't have to be in all FARTS. The stories are told by me (cuz, well, I draw and stuff), but I don't have to be involved in the story. Yes.

Anyway, tomorrow I have two finals and one presentation so I'm out. I will be a free woman sometime afternoon tomorrow. Party.

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on 12-10-2004
Literal FARTS

Sam and Brenda are great, too bad they are both very busy people, so they will likely not be on the forums any time soon. Sam is also a crazy-good artist, he has teh mad skillz, yo. He is going to make it big one of these days, mark my words. On that note, he has already made it bigger than many, with his own art shows and whatnot.

And I have been very sick for two days! Fevers really are unpleasant. You would think two days off work would be a good thing, but I always feel guilty for missing any work, and they are hardly "days off" when you spend them both in bed going through hot AND cold flashes to extreme discomfort. Not being able to eat anything also puts a damper on the days. At least I lost five pounds from it all!

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