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on 12-24-2004

I originally made this comic a long long time ago. Well, yeah.. I don't even remember when it was. I remember I was watching Mutant X and Andromeda while coloring it, though. This is the worst coloring job I ever did! I promise never to color my comics like that again. *bulges eyes out for a second* yes.

I also drew myself weird, but that's ok.

The two chicks with me are my buddy back from Harper college, Karen, and her sister. I kinda lost contact with Karen.. so KAREN! IF YOU COME ACCROSS THIS WEBSITE, EMAIL MEEEEE!!!

A couple of summers ago I went with Karen and her sister to the Art Institute Art Museum, yes. We had fun, I'd like to say. In one of a little hallways I came accross a tiny painting that sparked my interest.. and well, made me all excited and stuff as you can see. The reason was because I knew the story it was telling.. and it was pretty. I used to love those greek and roman myths. Pretty storyyesss.. Well, anyway, ever since I saw that little painting, I have been trying to find it on every other occasion I have been at the Art Museum (and there has been MANY). I was so happy when I found it last month on a field trip (Field trip #3 to the Art Museum with my school).

"Death of Orpheus"
Henri Levy

I love it :)

In other news, BuzzNav is up and working with my comics now. If any of you find bugs, please do let me know though. I will add some stuff (like art) around here later.. probably within the next two weeks, as I will be on vacation from work and into arms of my Scott... mmmm Scott. Scott won't be on vacation though, so whenever he is working at the work, I will be working on FARTS and website, yes.

So anyway Merry Christmas everyone! I hope all of you get to relax and enjoy the holiday and not stress out about it, as some are.

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