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on 01-07-2005

Hello everybody

I am still on my vacation with my Scotty <3 Ohhh I am relaxing sooo good. I am so happy with him :)

Anyway about the comic for today. For some reason it took me forever to complete it. The thing portrayed happened a long time ago and *shrug* 28 DAYS LATER is a very good movie. Kinda got to me, as everyone can see. I just felt too much for the characters and oh man I didn't want them to die! But it was one of those movies where you cannot really guess easily what can happen and beloved characters may die! and one of them DIED! DIED!! :(

I made some comics while on my vacation (which is only a bit over half way now), but not as much as I wanted to... I didn't really do as much as I planned. You know, people, my entire school year consists of running around like a madwoman. It is quite tiring. Right now screw it! I am on vacation! and enjoying it very very much :D

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on 01-07-2005
Zombies are funny.

So, I tried my very best to get Alex away from me, but nothing worked. I WAS concerned about her comfort, but I mostly just wanted her to let go of my leg. In other news, it's 3:29 AM Central Time and I'm as tired as a tornado after it gives 23 cows the gift of flight.
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