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on 01-21-2005

I love the mmmaple syrop. Mmmaple syrop is so gooood. It puts a smile on my face everytime I taste it. It is delicious. mmm mmm yummy!

Here's what the maple candy looks like.. enlarged:

I love my job. My coworkers are awesome people and my job is something I enjoy doing, yes. Whoo! printing! BEST JOB EVER. Aaand by the way if anyone asks, Dave is NOT my boss. I repeat, Dave is NOT the manager. Yes.

Since my workplace is full of interesting people, interesting things happen. There will be more FARTS from AleX's workplace. Right now, I must sleep.

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on 01-21-2005
Maple Overdose!

Oh the marvelous things we have in Canada... aside from eight months of winter, that is. I suppose very few Americans have actually ever had maple syrup, let alone maple hard-candies. The USA is the world's largest producer of maple syrup, by a slight margin over Canada. Though with ten times the population, I imagine the actual products end up being far less common. To date I have yet to see anything other than the likes of Aunt Jemima's and its ilk in any American store; however, I have also never been to New England.

It seems Dave, like so many other Americans, cannot hold his maple.

To those of you who do not know how REAL maple syrup tastes: I assure you, it is nearly orgasmic, especially to those who have been raised on IHOP swill and other sugar-waters you all put on your pancakes and waffles.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to run off and consume some boiled-down tree blood.

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