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on 01-28-2005
Kamikaze: The Divine Wind

Looks like I am posting a rant before Alex today. She got home late after being out with her girly-friends for a bit of a birthday celebration, and is too tired to do much more than put up this week's comic. Free online comics have their price as well, it is just not paid by the readers.

Adam is one of Alex's good friends, as well as a co-worker. Some of you may have seen him posting in the forums a bit, a habit he should practice more often. Being the crazy mu'fugga that he is, there are many adventures of his that are FARTS-worthy. That being said, this will hardly be the last time he graces these comics.

And I am sure Adam did not intend to murder that poor, helpless little bird. Well, maybe only if it was a seagull, damn those scavenging nuisances. I don't care if they eat our garbage and reduce the number of cubic metres of compacted waste produced by humanity; they are damn annoying. Just look at the way they mill around a discarded potato chip:

Potato chips courtesy of Lays™, now with zero trans fats. That's right, same number of calories and the same good ol' starchy goodness, but they are now slightly less unhealthy for you!

Why yes, I am scatterbrained. Why do you ask?

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