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on 02-04-2005

Greetings everyone,

Today I present to you the director's cut of the FARTS#1! Yes, indeed there was more to the story.. and yes, indeed, IT HAS BEEN DRAWN!!! Now the secret is out!!

I am exhausted. School is keeping me busy and I have not had time to work much on comics lately. This one I have been keeping on reserve and now I am using it up. I have another comic saved for next week and thanks to my wonderful Scott I think I should be able to get another one finished for two weeks from now..

Last week was my birthday. My mommy made me yummy cake. It was delicious:

Thanks for all the b-day wishes everyone!
Here's more pictures of delicious delicious yummy cake:
yummy delicious cake

My mom makes really good cakes.. mmmm...

And now I go sleep.

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on 02-04-2005
Not quite X-rated...

Alex thinks her breasts are small just because they are not MASSIVE like Amy's. As her fiancée, I can assure you all that Alex's breasts are larger than she says they are, but not quite as large as she has drawn them before at times, and larger than she has drawn them at other times. Needless to say, I am plenty satisfied.

Mmmm, birthday cake... There are bloody kiwis on that thing, I tell you! It is just madness; sweet, delicious madness.

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on 02-04-2005

Man, if I could donate some of my boobies to someone else, trust me - I totally would. Anyway, this is how the story really went. She seriously bounced around like that at random times throughout our hang out. It was odd. Odd but funny. But odd. Also, it feels like that whole situation was so long ago. *sighs* How I long for the good ol' days. I'll show them. With my pencil army. Yessss. Boobs suck.
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