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on 02-11-2005
The last of the older comics

This one was not originally intended to be a FARTS comic, as far as I know. It was meant as a gift to me on Saint Valentine's day last year, in memory of me being such a romantic fool in the months prior, as outlined in the comic.

There are no more reserve comics, everything from here on in is new, unless and until Alex decides to post some old art as fillers for missed comics. I am helping her out a bit so it should not come to that.

See, to me, this moment was not as massively romantic as it was to her. She started staring at me, so I stared back. After a moment I noticed a rather large blackhead on her brow, so I pointed it out to her... BECAUSE I feel comfortable enough with her to be open about such and greater things. Her interpretation of the incident is as illustrated.

A few days early, perhaps; but the Saint Valentine's day sentiment remains. Hope you all have someone special with whom you may exchange many a romantic pleasantry. I know I have my Alex.


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on 02-11-2005

Cupid is a jerk.
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on 02-11-2005

Happy Valentine's, everyone!

I am posting kinda late. I didn't have time to rant while posting the comic on Friday. I should be asleep right now too.. so I suppose I don't really have time to rant right now either.
But I will. Yes.

Yay, Valentine's -- the time to spend all your money to give your woman jewerly, because only JEWERLY will make her see you appreciate her and LOVE her, omigod! She WILL break up with you, if you don't, you know -- tv told me that. You must give her something expensive! BUY! BUY! BUY! Spend all your money! Stupid media.

I prefer making gifts to buying them. It is more valuable in my mind. This is why I have been making Scott artwork of various kind on most occassions. He has been my main inspiration for the last year. My Scotty, mine :) I love him so freaking much!

Speaking of my art work, FARTS-ART or otherwise, I really need to get that gallery up for you guys to see. I will work on it whenever I will get a chance. Right now, as Scott mentioned above, I am pretty much out of completed comics, and my main focus should be on that. I do not want to miss an update, EVER.

And now I go sleep.

I love you, Amy. You have been nothing but a really good friend to me. You are my best friend, man. I am never gonna leave you alone :P
And I love my Scotty insanely a lot! My best friend, true love and soulmate. I'm gonna marry you! Wheeeee!

I really need to go sleep. Yes.

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