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on 02-18-2005

Must.. express.. my.. feelings.. for MSN..

Some of you (living not in US) might not be familiar with the MSNís butterfly campaign. They have this whole string of commercials with people dressed up in the butterfly suits supposedly being the representation of the MSN internet service.


My very first internet provider was America Online. I had AOL for about 3 years or more. It annoyed me with freezing and signing off. Then, one day, my parents got me a digital camera and $200 off that if we signed on contract with MSN. So we did. We didnít start using MSN till about 8 months after we signed on, because AOL kept giving me 2 free months EVERYTIME I called in to cancel. Finally, that run out and I was forced to deal with MSN. At first it was alright, it very rarely froze on me. It also had a nice way to organize the mailbox. The messenger was much nicer than AOLís too. But then, MSN started becoming more and more of a bitch.

For some reason on my old computer, which still has Windows 98, it configured itself to pop up whenever the computer was not online. I only used my old computer to type papers, and that didnít happen that often (since I am graphic design major), but yeah.. The endless popping up was annoying.

On my new laptop, on the other hand, MSN did not endlessly make itself known, it just screwed around with my programs. I used to have this DragíníDrop CD burning program that was always active. It was a neat little thing. I never had any problems with it, UNTILL I put MSN on my computer. Eventually DragíníDrop got so screwed up I couldnít burn anything anymore with it. But fine, maybe it wasnít MSNís fault. Maybe it was me abusing the CD burner with making it do its job (the problem is since fixed, btw).

Take another program, then: PHOTOSHOP 5.0 LE that I got with my beautiful tablet from WACOM. For some reason those two programs did not want to work together. I couldnít work on Photoshop while being online. If I signed on MSN first, then Photoshop wouldnít load. Once I signed off it would load. If I were to sign on MSN with Photoshop running, MSN would start screaming at me with most annoying sound freezing my entire computer. I got PHOTOSHOP 7 and that solved that problem. So you see, I was patient and took shit from MSN, because I was on contract with them for 2 years and couldnít do anything about it.

The most messed up thing about MSN internet service was the change of the access numbers, which happened from time to time. With each ďaccess numbers updateĒ it seems the access number got further and further away from my town.. MSN presents me with only about 7 choices of access numbers, and no choice of which I want to dial first. It just goes down the list that it makes. Finally, all my available access numbers were freaking long distance all the way to the downtown, while I live in the suburbs.

I hate MSN internet service and I hate it with PASSION. It is just a piece of shit, thatís what it is! I could take everything, but the access numbers being changed to long distance is just unacceptable! Freaking butterfly! I want EVERYONE to know what a bullshit MSN internet service is!

I donít mind the messenger though. I think MSN has the best messenger there is (when it works, anyway). Their hotmail sucks now though -- it delays delivery, or even doesnít deliver, and too frequently you canít even sign on to the service lately! It is NOT better with the butterfly! Fucking piece of shit. If I ever see one of those MSN buttefly guys I swear I will so beat the crap out of them!

Now that I ranted longer than ever, I go sleep.


PS. Thank you so much for Scott coloring these FARTS. If it wasn't for Scott, there might not be any comic today. Scott has been a GREAT help to me. He did a very good job in coloring. I think he is getting better and better at it. Also I think his style of coloring fit this particular comic much better than my coloring would. Thank you Scott! :)
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on 02-18-2005
The Evil Empire

First off, if anyone is actually reading my post after Alex's lengthy rant, I thank you.

My colouring "style" is very simple, so I am glad Alex thinks it went well with this comic. I believe I will be doing the next one as well, getting that done this weekend sometime.

Microsoft is so evil, they do not even bother putting CODPIECES on their damned butterfly-man suits. Those poor bastards. It would not be a good thing to be them when a group of good-looking women (or men) walk by. The way I see it, it is in the best interests of Microsoft as a comany to give their mascots codpieces, therefore the choice to not do so must solely derive from their intention to humiliate these people while they are in a socially compromised situation. Bloody fourth reich, I tell you.

All that being said, I also tend to think of MSN Messenger as the best of the IM programs, but only when it is working. I do not recall AIM, Yahoo, or ICQ ever being "down" when I wanted to use them.

I have never had to deal with MSN as an ISP, except when I was using the computer at Alex's place of course. Up here in Canadia we have "the microsoft of the north;" Rogers. I am sure Rogers is secretly owned by an American company (possibly Microsoft). They have their dirty fingers in everything: Internet, video rental, cell phone service, television, radio, and probably some other media I cannot recall specifically at the moment. I have had nothing but bad experiences with their various products.

I could ramble on some more, but there has been enough verbal effuse thus far for this day. My apologies for not having as humourous a rant as I sometimes do.

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