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on 02-25-2005

So this comic is the most fictitious, or rather the most analogous, of the comics Alex has made thus far. All the other comics have been rather accurate and truthful depictions of the events as they occurred, paraphrased as they may be. The next-least-realistic would probably be the one with the goose chasing Amy and Alex through the college campus.

This is the second of the comics I have coloured for Alex; though it is admittedly more simplistic than the last one, and I am not happy with the way the colouring turned out. Alex managed to throw in a few touches of her own. I really only do the "paint-by-numbers" approach to colouring, saving Alex the busy work that would otherwise consume hours of time she would rather spend doing homework or sleeping. One of these days she might even get a thing called FREE TIME without it detracting from her sleeping schedule.

And in case anyone notices any spelling errors in my rants, rest assured that I have noticed them as well; but have been reluctant to bother changing them, as buzznav does not allow modification to files after they are saved. All that could be done is erasing all the files from that date, and re-posting them. I am too lazy to do this, and most often I write my rants in a state of stupor induced by fatigue as I prepare to pass out for the evening. This is the case tonight as well.

Read the comic, bitches. Read it and enjoy it, or I will kill you all!

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<%-- Start editing here--%> by AleX
on 02-25-2005

So perhaps a MSN butterfly-man did not mock me in person, as illustrated in the previous comic.. or perhaps a beautiful butterfly did not really fly onto my hand as shown in this comic.. Nevertheless,


My comics are still true, all true, although it took me a bit of representation to illustrate the story. I thought it would be more interesting to draw the MSN butterfly-man than the program window popping up on my screen. :P *nods*

Thank you, Scotty, for helping out with the coloring again. :) This comic would not have been up today if not for Scotty. Yay!

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