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on 03-18-2005

What we gave Amy was actually a Terry's chocolate orange. Here's a photo of my (mostly eaten) chocolate orange deliciousness:


My Scott learned that I love those oranges, but for some reason was unable to find them in stores.. so what my dork did, he brought me SIX BOXES OF TERRY'S ORANGES! I gave one to Amy, because she likes them too, one to my parents and the rest was eaten by the collective forces of AleX and Scott. Mmmm delicious.

It was fun creeping out Amy. We didn't plan on doing this.. it just sorta happened Scott was grinning at her just as much as I was. She later told me it was like seeing a male version of me grinning at her. heh heh heh
Amy is SO CUTE when she is scared :D
I love Amy!

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on 03-18-2005
Stupid Alex + Scott! Mmmm. Oraaange.

So, it was pretty scary sitting there with BOTH of them grinning at me. With their scary teeth and beady eyes. As if I were a chocolate orange just waiting to be devoured. Mmmmm. Chocolate orange. So chololatey, yet so orangey at the same time. Stupid Alex and Scott! *shakes fist fiercely*
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on 03-18-2005
Chocolate Orange indeed!

I know they are made in the UK, (and imported in limited numbers to the USA by Kraft) but are still rather plentiful in Canada. Virtually any major convenience store will have Terry's Oranges in the same aisle as Lindt and Pot of Gold. As I grew up, they were more of a Christmas thing. Scarcely can I recall a year I did not find a Terry's Orange in my stocking on Christmas morning.

With regards to Christmas, Terry's releases a "chocolate snowball" every year, which is identical to the chocolate orange, but made from white chocolate and flavoured with I-don't-know-what. The term "chocolate snowball" itself is a bit of a turn-off for a food product, to those who understand a fair bit of porn lingo.

Now all they need to do is release a "vanilla fluffer" and the circle shall be complete.

The whole situation with gifting one of the oranges to Amy, was quite amusing. She actually thought we might be playing some sort of prank on her, and was afraid to unwrap the gift. Hopefully she has learned the following from that experience: Alex and I may be crazy and weird at times, but we would never do anything to harm a friend.


Creeping/freaking/grossing out are all different matters, however; as is "scaring shitless" and such. *evil chuckle* Cheers to Amy's continued paranoia, fueled by the antics of Scott and Alex!

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on 03-18-2005
Spelling Mistakes and Lies!

Untitled Document Well, some of you - okay, maybe NONE of you - may have noticed that I said "chololatey" instead of "chocolatey." That could have been the residue fear talkin'. So, Alex and Scott may not har...what the hell? A robin outside keeps staring at me. Oh man. This could turn into that one movie where birds attack people. BIRDS! Oh, man! I'm done for! One of them is chirping their battle cry as we speak! Not the eyes! NOT THE EYES! Take my family! Just leave me alone! *sobs* ..... Oh. Um. Yeah. Uhh. Alex and Scott are evil!
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