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on 03-25-2005

Holy crap Payless attracted weirdoes sometimes! Ya know, I have NOTHING against men dressing up like women.. but if you are a guy and want to look like a woman, then freaking take care of yourself! This dude was dressed like a woman only waist down.. miniskirt, pantiholes and high heels..
He kinda did have a womanly legs though. But waist up he looked like Igor from Frankenstine. Man, if your hair is grey and falling out, wear a stinking wig! Put on some makeup! Shave, for the goodness sake!

What was interesting about this guy.. he looked like he was over 60 years old. Interesting, I'll say.

That was gross though. I've seen some guys dressed up as woman while working at my other job in a little art shop and while attending community college.. but those guys took care of themselves. They could pass as woman if one didn't give it too much thought. This guy though, man. Creepy.

He liked the 12wide. I don't remember if he bought it or not.

Anyway, Happy Easter, if you celebrate it. Scott is here! WHEEEEEEEE! :D


PS.Oh, here's the link to the first Payless Tale of Terror, which was actually the very first FARTStory I drew.
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on 03-25-2005
Transgendered Homosexual Hermaphrodite (WTF?)

Yes, Alex has experienced run-ins with all sorts of creepy and shady characters. I recall her telling me this story long ago, before she had even though of making it in to a comic strip.

As Alex said, I am here with her again at long last. Two months is far too long a time to be away from the one you love. As such, we are both somewhat distracted with each other at the moment, so I have little else to say.

And no, the title of my post has no relevance to anything else here. Just something for you all to consider.

Hope you all enjoy the comic. Happy Hallmark Holiday weekend!

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on 03-25-2005
Typos aplenty!


The extra B is for B.Y.O.B.B.
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on 03-25-2005

Um. 1st. Easter's not a holiday made up by Hallmark. 2nd. More power to ya, Gramps.
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