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on 04-01-2005

The AleX grin is one of my super-powers which I use to creep people out. It is much fun. The only two people I found to be unaffected by the grin are Scott and Adam. Adam just grins right back at me, while Scott just finds it cute *eyeroll* :P No one else has ever been able to look at me very long while I do my AleX grin. It is awesome. One time I was pissed off at my classmates with whom I was forced to work in a group with so I grinned them into submission and fear! BWAHAHAHA bastards! Fear my wrath!
I almost made one of these girls cry bwahahahaheeheehee

Anyway here's one of the photos of one of the stages of AleX Creepy Grin:
I might post more later. Or maybe Scott will post more for me. I am sure all of you would love to see more photos of that ;D

I sorta miss working with Ken. His reactions to my grin were most amusing. :P

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on 04-01-2005
More cute than creepy...

...As illustrated by the picture Alex posted. There are more pictures, but I am too tired at the moment to weed through my photo folders to find them.

I do not understand why so many people are creeped out by Alex's characteristic grin; though I suppose the fact that I actually find it cute is one of the reasons I became her boyfriend (and now fiancée).

And his name is Dante, dammit; DANTE! I wonder how Mister Dante is doing these days, anyway. He should swing by the forums more often. You ahould ALL swing by the forums, yessss, the forums.

Also, today is April Fools' day, and thus some sites are mocking themselves up for the amusement of those who refuse to be fooled. Last year it was Maddox who FOOLED most of his readership in to thinking he had gone soft, by changing his site format and tossing in a few mock articles. This year, among many other sites, I am sure, Newgrounds (a.k.a. 'Numagrounds') is doing something similar. Just read Tom Fulp's post on this calendar date, and his proposed change of the target demographic of his site. Apparently they did something of this nature as well last year, so this year fewer people are buying it. Still, it is amusing.

While you are at Newgrounds, check out the latest episode of Madness. It is filled with violenty goodness, as we all expect from the series.

No April Fools' jokes here, this year. Too much work for too little effect. I already know humanity is filled with fools and the like, so I need not set aside one day per year to try to prove it.


P.S. In case anyone wants links, here they are. I will not bother trying to hyperlink, in case I screw them up somehow. You will have to copy and paste, if they are not in your favourites; but damn well they should be, I say!

http://www.newgrounds.com/ http://maddox.xmission.com/
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on 04-01-2005
Not cute. Not scary.

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I'll tell you what that grin is: ANNOYING. Annoying! Not scary. Not cute. I'm used to it. Trust me. It's annoying. I only block my eyes and say things like "All right. That's enough" for two main reasons: 1. so I don't have to look at it and get all stabby; and 2. because I avoid looking at it, the urge to punch Alex in the face (usually repeatedly) subsides. Of course Scott's gonna think it's cute *rolls eyes and pretends to shoot self in head*. He'd think scratching her armpit and then smelling her fingers is cute. That's just repulsive. Really though, Alex. I am immune to your "super power grin." It does, however, fill me with a murderous rage, and I'm sure that one of these days, I will punch and/or slice with razors that grin off your face. I'm a deranged asshole sometimes.

In other news, the website that has the funniest April Fools' Day joke is www.theprp.com, but because I'm posting a day late, all you suckers missed out on this year's AFD joke! AAAHHH HAHAHAHAHA! It was funny.

Oh, and that's totally Dante. I thought he wasn't supposed to be at work that day. I slay myself.

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on 04-01-2005
Aye indeed!

If ANYONE could make it seem cute to scratch your armpits and smell your fingers, it would be Alex. Still doubtful, though.
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