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on 04-08-2005

OMIGOD! It's the VERY FIRST FARTS GUESTIE!!! and it's done by no other but the Amy!! WHOOOO!!! :D

Amy is the coolest and she knows it! She is also very hot.

This comic was created in response to the previous comic. Read the rant that was going on there, too, if you haven't already. It will provide you with more insight.

Oh man, it's almost 1AM and I just finished typing up some homework. Schoolwork just NEVER ENDS. This semester seems to suck for me more than any other. I don't remember whining so much about school before. (I usually even kinda like it.) By creating this guestie Amy definitely helped me a lot. I would still have had a regular comic up, because I would rather work on FARTS than on schoolwork.. but now I have a bit more time in catching up with all this schoolwork crap. (So far I am behind in readings&journals in only one class and kinda pushing it with another class. Freedom will come soon and I will breathe again. Summer will be filled with work for me, but that is better than school. Work doesn't gimme homework, which takes over all possible free time including sleeptime. :/

Anyway.. Amy's guestie is awesome! This, by the way, almost happened. With FARTS GUESTIES I am not as strict with it being all true as I am with my regular comics...


hmm.. come to think of it maybe Amy is trying to tell me something.. maybe this comic is my future! Hmm.. being beaten up by Amy.. that's kinda hot.

Anyway, sleeptime for me now.

Oh, and I do believe today is the last day for FARTS to be advertized on the buzzcomix.net. If you are coming from there, welcome, welcome! Join the forums, yes? :D

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on 04-08-2005

I think Amy responds with anger and aggression because she is, in actuality, creeped out by "the Alex grin." :P

The guest comic has the "I-COULD-have-drawn-it-better-if-I-wanted-to-but-I-am-deliberately-making-it-look-this-way" sort of look to it. Right Amy?

If you two DO start wrestling and fighting, be sure to take pictures... for the archives!

/somewhat obscure reference

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on 04-08-2005
*shaking head at self*

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Hello, everyone. Hope this finds you all well. Oh, how Alex flatters me *blushes*. Thanks for putting up this comic and compromising the future of F.A.R.T.S. Haha. Just kidding. I'm glad that you dug it. If anything, at least it saved you some time/sleep/energy. Contrary to Scott's belief, no - this isn't one of those "I could have done better but deliberately did it this way" kinds of things. I really can't draw. I'm sure if I put in back-breaking, strenuous hours of work into creating it (accompanied by insanity and rage due to shortcomings), then maybe I'd have something better to offer than stick-figures. Not that there's anything wrong with stick-figures. They're my friends, as well as rocks and other weird things. Either way, I'm sure everyone knows this isn't a true artistic endeavor by any means. If they do, then THEY'RE the ones that are crazy. *gasp* The socks are coming! Run for your *@#$ing lives!

P.Sx1. No, not denial either. The comic may portray events that haven't actually happened (yet), but the feelings are there. And no! There will be NO Foxy Boxing! NONE, a'right?!

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