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on 05-06-2005


I meant to put this up right after this strip.. which seems to have accidently started a weird little storyline.

First we got Scott being inspired by Noodles to mess with me.. then Noodles gets inspired to draw a guestie about me being mad at her for it.. then we have this strip of me attempting a revenge on Scott. Will the story continue? Find out next week! :D

Hey, guess what everyone! My summer has began! Of course, it will not be much of a summer.. seeing that I will be working more hours now (which is fine), need to get an internship (which will be like another job) and am taking one class over summer. Yeah.. but I am going to work more on my own stuff now, that I have no school projects to eat up my time and energy. I AM ACTUALLY ALMOST DONE WITH THE UPDATED GALLERY! It should be up.. I'd say around this weekend.. probably closer to Sunday if anything. I still need to fill up one more section and double check the coding. Yes.

said AleX

on 05-06-2005

The evil propagates

Even when Alex is trying to frighten me, she is cute. The thing this comic does not adequately convey is how frustrated she actually was at the time. She tried the same trick about six more times on the same day before giving up, and she still does it occasionally, with the same results.

The demon offspring of Sam continues to spread in its own way. As Alex hinted, there might be yet another continuation to this story gracing our page next week, so check back next Friday. You bring your eyeballs, and we will cheerfully gouge them out with our comics.

Hmmm, perhaps my sales pitch could use some more finesse...

said Scott





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