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on 06-10-2005


Yes, so my job is in a photo lab. It is fun.. until I get a certain kinds of photos to develop. I've seen things I would rather not... I remember this very last roll of a day brought in by this older man. I started printing it and there was him and his wife -- a nice older couple on the beach, holdings hands and such, awww.. Next half dozen of frames and BOOM! Naked 65-year-old grannie naked spread out on the bed!*insert bleeding eyes emoticon*

I am lucky fot that being the worst I've seen. My poor coworkers seen much much worse.

Anyway, many of you should have noticed the changes to the Biscuit Press main page. We have a new Biscuiteer!! It is Lee of Better You Than Me! Everyone go check out his comics! He is about to get his forum space, you guys can bother him there.

said AleX

on 06-10-2005

The Boot

Just retroactively posting because the comments from the next comic seeped their way on to this page. No one posted for this comic at all... interesting. Oh well.

said Scott





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