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on 06-24-2005

My dad rocks.

Man, no one will ever know just how funny that whole ordeal was. My dad gets himself in this sort of trouble A LOT. Falling through ceilings. Falling off chairs. Getting bonked on the head by various things. Cuts. Bruises. Always hurting himself. *shakes head* Maybe it's a "guy thing." Haha. For the record, he did hurt his hand a bit (a nail in the attic jabbed him pretty good), but aside from that, he was all right. Besides, dangling legs/feet are ALWAYS hilarious. HI-LARE-EE-OUS!, I tells ya.

Stay tuned for Part 2. You'll see more of my dad and his antics, and my mom makes an entrance as well. Woo wee, kids.
said Amy





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