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on 07-01-2005

My Dad Rocks: Pt. 2 - Return of the Mom

Man, my dad is so funny - thinking that he could get away with it. I know he was joking around, but just the way he said it was awesome. Even though I said, "I'm pretty sure mom'll see it," he responded with a confident, "No, she won't". What's even MORE funny is my mom's reaction when she walked through the door. Before she could even say "hello," she saw a gaping, black hole in our living room ceiling and said, "AI!" (which Alex forgot to add in the last frame, but that's all right. With the Assyrian accent, that sound is classic). Anyway, this will remain one of my fondest memories for as long as I live. Everytime I look up at that spot on the ceiling, I see my dad's leg dangling there. Hahahahaha. Oh, goodness. said Amy





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