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on 07-08-2005


Greetings my fellow FARTS-fans, those few of us there may be. Not that anyone noticed, but I have not ranted in a while. There is no particular reason for this, save perhaps apathy toward life in general. My personal compunctions with the current goings-on at the main site have nothing to do with my absence, nothing at all, nope.

So here is Alex's latest not-so-stinky creation, a re-telling of one of the more noteworthy minor gags I have played on her over time. The only inaccuracy is the contents of my thought balloons. I was not quite as concerned as she suggests; mostly I was wondering at the dead silence if we had been disconnected. Perhaps a less understanding woman would have taken offense at my comments, a woman who would slam the phone down after telling me off, and retire to her chamber to force the cactus farther up her... *ahem*

But my words wander. I am thankful Alex is as understanding a person as she is, and that her sense of humour is at least as active as mine.

Current events, eh? Screw that. Not that I am ignorant of the events of the world, but I can find scarce little sympathy for a handful of people who die in violence, when so many more pass unnoticed every day. Mass media does not dictate terms to my feelings; in this I seem to be a rarity.

said Scott





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