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on 07-15-2005

Hello everyone,

I have not posted in a while. It was mostly because I was on my wonderful, amazing, restful, fun vacation in Canada with my wonderful, amazing, adorable, dorky Scott.

I love my Scott!

So anyway, today's comic is about something that happened a couple of years ago, back when I went to Harper College. Drawing 1 was viewed as an easy fulfilment of whatever requirement most majors in a community two-year college had. Thus majority students taking that class were not even art majors. I don't even remember who else was in that class besides me that was intending on getting some sort of art degree. There was a lot of interesting people in that class to say the least... That class was fun though. And even though some people in there were airheads, their personalities made it amusing.

Anyway, right after I realized I was surrounded by idiots, I moved to a better spot to draw those damn hallways for the perspective exercise and I ended up sitting by Karen and Stephanie, who turned out to be AWESOME people! I still keep in touch with Stephanie, but unfortunately I lost Karen's contact :/

ALSO the site got a new design. The archives page is finally up! Not like anyone asked me about it :P I wanted to redesign the site for over half a year now. FINALLY I was able to do that. AleX feels happy! Happy! :D There are still some things I need to adjust and add in the new layout, such as additional info to cast page and more art in the artwork section, yes. I will post in the rant whenever I have more stuff up. WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! new pretty design!! WHOOOO!

said AleX

on 07-15-2005

Surrounded by morans [sic]

Two in a row, this is a lot of ranting for me these days.

Two things about this comic irritate me: One pertains to its subject matter, and the other to its oh-so-subtle censorship.

First, it serves as a reminder to me of the immature and frustratingly vacuous ways in which humans conduct themselves around each other; most specifically within a certain age group, and also between persons whose combinations of gender and sexual preference cause them to consider one another as potential mates.

The second and more annoying of my two points, is the fact that both of Alex's classmates in this scenario were black, yet she has felt the need to not portray them as such, for fear of that presentation being considered racist in motivation. Because we simply cannot have the first instance of the african-american people appearing in this comic being an incident in which they are both presented as shallow and dim-witted people, despite the fact that they both were. Oh no, that would be racist!

I am drawn more or less as I appear in reality; blue eyes, long dark hair, tall, avec-goatee, an so on. In keeping with this comic's spirit of presenting actual events in an unabridged form, I feel that both of these people should have been drawn the way they appeared in reality. Instead, Alex has chosen two other people from her classes back in Harper College to sit-in for these roles, because they are not as offensive in this context.

Serenity now!

Oh I believe in equality, between sexes, and "races" (though such a thing truly does not exist within humanity itself), and all the other factors that make us diverse and unique as people.


The meaning of that word seems to be distorted in contemporary thinking. I remember being taught the concept of equality in school, and I specifically recall my teacher using eye colour as an example of this. "How would you like it if someone told you that you were not as good as them, just because you had blue eyes?"

This is an example of censoring yourself because a person you portray in an unfavourable fashion happens to be an "ethnic minority." What if both of these morons had blue eyes? Would that mean Alex is trying to say that all blue-eyed people are morons? No. Nor would it mean that if she actually drew these people as they appeared in reality.

Racism exists in many forms. Do not be fooled.

said Scott

on 07-15-2005

Um. Yeah.

Untitled Document

Anyway, my favorite part about this story is when Alex looks at the guy for confirmation of the girl's stupidity but he was too busy looking at the chick's boobs. Hahahaha. It's even more funny when she actually told me the story. Then again, I think it's hilarious when something happens and you frantically search the room for more confused/surprised faces, essentially hoping to find other people as dumbfounded as you. Hahaha. Reminds me of the time in my A.P. English Lit and Comp class...

Alex - I think you did a wonderful job with the new site design. It looks right on, and it's definitely more you. Wait, do we really need MORE Alex around? *looks around scared* Well, nice job, kiddo.

said Amy





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