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on 07-22-2005


Today is my Scott's birthday. He is half a year older than me. I love you so much Scotty :) I feel bad that it seems impossible for us to spend time with each other on our birthdays since we met... but it will change soon enough. We will be spending ALL days with each other! I hope you will have a nice day tomorrow. ..and do not let your buddies beat you up and shave every hair off your body in some male birthday ritual. I heard of those! You males are strange.

Anyway! Today's comic is sort of a sequal to this one. This time it was me ruining a romantic moment for Scott. Well, I was in the moment too...mmmmm Scott...
BUT the way I am.. I just cannot stand people having boogers hanging outta their noses! If I see you have a booger, I WILL tell you! I did that to friends, coworkers and fresh acquaintances. I figure it is better for me to tell you and stop the grossness right there, than have you walk around talk with people whole day like that. Ewww boogers!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCOTTY! I love you so insanely much! :)

said AleX

on 07-22-2005

Party down now!


on 07-22-2005


I am not the only one who is good at spoiling romantic moments, and this is not the only time she has done this to me. In her words "I will tell you every time you have a booger sticking outta your nose." Lovely, I have a lifetime of humiliating reminders ahead of me.

And as for birthdays, I will say this much: I am now at the age where I actually appreciate receiving clothes for my birthday. Clothes are expensive, only when you have to buy your own do you truly value them.

said Scott





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