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on 07-29-2005


So my dad and I used to have those fights about who will be in the control of the remote control. Yes. That was years ago during the time when I actually watched television a lot, and wore color. Yes, indeed. (that's green hair there, too, btw. It was fun dying my hair green or purple, I miss it).

I have been pretty busy latelly, working a lot of hours, as well as finishing up my internship portfolio thing, and trying to assemble a FARTS book together for a convention Phil is going to in mid-August. Yes yes, AleX never rests. The comic that's up today was actually scheaduled to go up next week, but I wasn't able to finish the comic that I had planned for today. Oh well. I still need to make some comics in advance, since I am sure once school resumes I will have harder time getting comic done everyweek. At least it's still July. There is still some summer left, right? RIGHT? *cries* where did it goooo?! NOOOOOO!! :(

Let's hope the next summer will be better. It sure will be a busy one. I will be done with school! Yikes!

Okay, I go away now. Work early tomorrow.

Hope everyone is having a good summer. Mine's been alright so far. Had some fun as well as sucky times. I suppose it all balances out...

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