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on 08-19-2005


For those of you who has noticed my absence on the forums, the reason is Scott. He is here! WHEEEEE!! We just came back from our little vacation road trip today with Scott to Indiana, where we met Sam and Lee in person! first time! yes! We hang out with Sam a whole lot and it was fun. She is a little shorter and a little random-crazier in person than I thought. Lee never posted his photos anywhere, so it was quite interesting to see what he really looks like. I was quite surprised. I might post some pics somewhere later, if both Sam and Lee are okay with that. I wish we all had more time to hang out together. Our visit to Indiana was rather short, but very enjoyable.

Anyway.. about this week's comic :) I met Scott on a forum of this one webcomic that is since long dead and forgotten, unfortunately. Scott was the forum's "asshole" and I was the new girl, annoying hyper fan of the webcomic. He was the first one to respond to me, I believe. Isn't it amazing how far the magical words "stop whining" has taken Scott? Yes, indeed he knew how to charm me up!

I read some of Scott's posts before I joined that forum and I thought he was cool and funny, but I had no idea how big of a DORK he was until I met him in person a few months later. Scott intimidated me at first, actually. He decided to IM me sometime after I started regularly posting. He later told me that is is really rare for him to be the first one to IM people, especially when he doesn't know them. Looking back, I find it quite amazing how we have met. So many things seemed to just fall in place to make our relationship grow...

I know it is strange to meet your future spouse on the internet.. and neither me or Scott recommend this. There is a lot of creeps online.. creeps and crazies.. yes.. And if you decide to meet in person someone you only knew online, be extremaly cautious.
You never know.

So anyway, Scott is here for a few more days so we are going to enjoy our time together. School resumes for me next week, eww. I am saddened how fast this summer has gone by. I go sleep now. Another day with Scott tomorrow :)

said AleX

on 08-19-2005


I forgot to mention that Phil and Rachael are at the Otakon right now. I don't know if any readers of F.A.R.T.S. are going to attend this wonderful event, but know that PHIL and RACHAEL ARE THERE! and they are a lot of biscuity cool things to sell and to give out, including free Biscuit Press stickers, Hoojie Crew books, FARTS minibooks and Comrade Geek drawings. More info here. said AleX





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