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on 09-02-2005


So yes, I didn't rant two nights ago, as I should have. I keep getting home late from work/school and not wanting to do much. Sorry. I know I am actually getting more and more readers this time. In fact, I had even complete strangers linking my site. WHOO! Thanks guys :D

That reminds me, I better get my LINKS section up soon, and put up banner for people to us to link me. I have not really thought much of that until I found ChibiAngel linking my site on both of her sites. Didn't I see you on the Biscuit Press forums, ChibiAngel? Would hope to see both of you there.. and everyone else who reads any of the Biscuit Press comics!

So anyways, about this strip.. The wedding was on the 1st of July (Canada day!) and it was Scott's old boss from HERTZ and one of their frequent customers getting married. Scott actually sort of set those two up, which is awesome. :) The wedding was very nice :) We had a nice time, except Scott's tie hit me in the face three freaking times and the new shoes butchered my feet. Scott gave me a foot massage later on and made it all better <3 I love my Scotty.

I really should go sleep now.

said AleX





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