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on 09-09-2005


Yes, she does. She has this paranoid spider conspiracy theory that they crawl into people's ears, get to the brain and lay eggs there. Then baby spiders hatch in the person's brain and take over, yes? Either way, Amy just hates spiders. They creep her out.

I don't really have anything against spiders myself. They eat other bugs which is very good.

Speaking of creepy spiders, did you guys here of the statistic that every person swallows about 7 spiders a month on average in their sleep? Yes, they supposely crawl into your mouth as you sleep. I don't know how true that statistic is.. but one time a few years ago when I had braices, I woke up once with some black crap in them. I didn't want to examine that too closely, as I didn't want to confirm my fear of the black stuff being a spider remains... so I just brushed and flossed my teeth really good.

I shall go sleep now... if I can.

said AleX





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