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on 09-16-2005


It's not only HAPPY 50 FARTS, it is also HAPPY ONE FULL YEAR OF FARTS(tomorrow) as an on-going webcomic on the wonderful Biscuit Press. :D AleX is happy. WHOO! I think I improved a lot since last year and I keep on improving.


Most of you probably noticed to link to, or are already aware of the Webcomic Hurricane Relief Teleton organized by Blank Label Comics. Huge percentage of the entire webcomic world is participating as our way of trying to raise money for the Katrina relief. We all made comics for this site, which updates with new strips every 20 minutes, encouraging visitors to come back and hopefully donate through the site to the Red Cross to help Katrina victims. The Teleton has raised over $26,000 in less than 3 days, and $1000 in its very first hour (which was late at midnight). I am participating in this event and so are other Biscuit Press members. Every and any type of help counts in this disaster...

said AleX

on 09-16-2005


Alex set it in motion initially, but stopped after only three comics. Shortly after, I came along and gave her some praise and encouragement. Since then, the monster has gained momentum, improving in quality and consistency. Reading through the archives, I cannot help but laugh. Though for myself every incident has a differernt twist than it would for the casual reader, I think it is a very amusing and well-done webcomic.

Fifty comics represents a full year of weekly updates (plus guest comics), including the ten or so comics that were made before biscuitpress was formed. After running out of the initial stock, which happened rather quickly, Alex somehow managed to keep up with weekly updates. There are people who deserve added credit for this, Sam of Random Assembly, Phil of The Hoojie Crew, myself for being a lacklustre colouring slave for a few comics; but most of it has been Alex with her constant doodling and drive to get quality comics done despite her busy work and school schedules.

Almost like watching a child grow up. Happy birthday to BiscuitPress, which turns one soon; and to FARTS, which is more like two and a half, but officially one year in its current incarnation.

Also a happy birthday to Phil tomorrow, however the hell old he is now. Twenty? Damn kids... get off my lawn!

As for today's comic, I have this to say: LOSE SOME WEIGHT, TUBBY! You're bursting at the seams! Either that or wear not-so-tight pants.

Or... you could just... get a belt... or something...


said Scott





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