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on 10-21-2005


I actually had this comic inked and scanned for over a month now and I half forgot about it. Yes. I think October has been just bad for FARTS. I didn't have time to work on this comic until today and I was really lucky to have any time to work on it today, too. Hopefully next month will be better. I also want to update the site with some more pages and stuff. I did tiny little updates here and there over this weekend. I will report any bigger updates in the rants, once I make them, yes.

School and work are keeping me busy, but I had an awesome restful fall break. Scott was here this weekend and we had wonderful time, as always :) So happy to see him.

And now I need to finish my projects and get some sleep. Everybody wish me luck with FARTS for next week. So far I haven't missed an update, and I am proud of it... it is getting pretty hard now though.

said AleX





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